To use or not a marital agency

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sexrusianbrideIf looking on various websites regarding this issue, than there are a plenty of women who are telling things about their life, eventually there are women who are very disappointed, but there also are a great variety of letters from women who had a great experience of using a matrimonial agency. People who are happy usually do not place their story on a website or into a newspaper, as they are too afraid, that their small happiness that they finally attended will leave them, so there is no point in blaming them for being so discreet. And of course there are a lot of disappointments between women who meet their men via the regular way in life. Some women have the opportunity to feel the difference of dating in their own country, and later dating with a foreigner, as those are two absolutely different thing, and it is different not only from the financial point of view, but also by the moral and intellectual one.

Of course it is more safe and easier to meet a man or a woman if meeting it through friends, as good friends would never recommend you a bad person. And at the same time you never know, as the person you were introduced to, can always play a role in front of you, in order to get you once and for good, well, that would be the bad part of a meeting. Internet today is fulfilling the role of your “friend” if you have none, or they are too busy with their own life, in order to take a look at yours.sexyrusianwomen

The other negative argument people who are against this kind of meetings say, is that if meeting through a marital agency than in a lot of cases, all the things the man is being interested with in his woman is sex, which eventually shows that he doesn’t have any serious plans for her, and it is all just a game for him, in which he has to “score” as many times as he will be able, some of the Russian ladies accept this kind of “relationship” and later write long reviews about how disappointed they are with the entire service. That is why a crucial thing in looking for a partner issue would be realizing what the reasons for doing those are: whether it is curiosity or necessity, whether you are looking for friendship, or romance and relationship, and so on. So if you are looking for a serious relationship, eventually casual sex is not a tool that will bring you closer to your need and dream, that is the reason why it is so important to be précised in your dreams, aspirations and goals.

Being ready for casual sex is not something extraordinary, and in real life it is very widespread as well, there are even more cases of this kind in real life, than by means of internet. Usually women who are ready for an “adventure” do not have problems in finding someone, because they lead a very open conversation in a variety of bars, or nightclubs, and they find a lot of men, some for one night only, and others for sometime more. Women who are placing their profiles in marital agencies are mostly different, as due to their modest and calm character it is hard for them to start a conversation, or communicating face to face simply, that is why they come to the agency and get help in building a successful relationship.

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If looking from the other side, than it would be silly to think that foreign men are coming to Russia in the attempt of getting casual sex, as this is something that they can find in their own town, in a bar located near home, or on a party and it will be free of charge for them, why would they spent so much money on correspondence and travelling, if not for the desire of a strong relationship with a decent woman? The real reason that dwells foreigners to Slavic women is the desire to create a family together.