Russian brides, and their problems with correspondence.

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relationgirlClara, a thirty tow years old woman has wrote a letter about the problem that is really bothering her: ” I registered myself on a dating website but there is no result unfortunately, what should I do in order to make it work, I am sick and tired of being alone all the time, and i have so much love to give to that special one and only person whom i will certainly make the happiest man in the world! What should I do?”

Well first of all a good thing would be reading the articles about women who already got married with a foreigner by means of a dating agency, and to find what is that special about them that they were chosen among thousands of women and you were not, than it means that obviously you did something wrong.

You need to know that not one dating agency even the most popular one, cannot guarantee you that you will get letters from men, it all depends on you mainly, that is why you need to do everything possible in order to give the opportunity to your future man see you and decide that you are the one he was looking for his entire life, and the more efforts you will do about it, the better. First of all you need to realize that there is no man in the world who will fall in love with your great soul from the first side, so it means that of course the first thing man is ever turning his attention upon is the way you look, this is how it always was, it is and it always will be, the most important thing for each man in the world is the physical appearance, that is why you need to make sure that you have some really great professional pictures, that you can change a few times if needed, only in order to get as many letters as possible. The fact that a lady gets a variety of letters doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s it job done, no, not all that is exactly the moment when there are needed even more efforts, as you attracted the attention of the man, and now you need to make sure you will keep it.beatywomen

It is not that difficult to keep it, as it might seem, well first of all it is needed to flirt and be in a good mood all the time, you need to become that joyful sunlight in the long and tiring working day of the man, so he would get in great mood as soon after reading your letter, he needs to understand that you are there for him, that you will support him and never let go of him in any kind of circumstances, for better and for worse, only the woman who will go through difficulties path in path with her man will earn his eternal trust and respect, and he will never be able to leave her.

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For some reason Russian brides lately who register their profiles on various matchmaking agencies online have forgotten the essential reason why this agencies exist, it is not in order to help them finding a rich sugar daddy, but they are aimed to help creating families! So eventually men are very cautious as well, as they are looking for a wife, for a caring woman who would be able to create a cozy home for both of them and with who very soon he will have children. No one needs a Barbie doll concerned only about the way she looks and about the new collection in her favorite store. That is something that two people should sit and talk before getting married in order to realize that they both are staring into one and same direction instead of staring at each other. Physical appearance and being attracted or feeling passion, is great but usually it goes away pretty soon, and all that is left after it is the mutual understanding and respect towards each other so those are the things that should be discovered during correspondence, eventually all of those things should be written not with pressure but in a light way.