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There is no doubt that there are lots of Russian women who are looking for foreign men. This is not a surprise. There are plenty of Russian girls who are not registered on any kind of websites, but would still like to meet a foreign man and get married with him. However, this is not to say that Russian girls despise Russian men or whatever, this just more about the financial situation and the demographic factors that are affecting the Russian society. So, here we shall reveal some key things that explain why Russian girls are looking for men.

As it has been mentioned above, Russian ladies are looking for foreign men because of the severe economic circumstances in Russia. Regardless of whether she is a patriot or the contrary, everyone admit that the life in Russia now is very difficult. Salaries do not keep up with the inflation rates. The average life expectancy keeps falling and the mortality rates are on an increase. The standards of life are far below those of any European country. Everything began with the political crises that took place in the world that made rouble (Russian currency) plummet nearly to the 90s levels. The exchange rates for dollar and euro have increased more than twice, and all of the Western goods are extremely expensive now. Even the Russian goods are also quite expensive because of the lack of the economies of scale that makes prices go higher. So, this is some kind of a recap of the economic situation in Russia. So, under such hard circumstances, a lot of girls are forced to forget about calm life and prosperous family. They cannot afford proper education for their children and even medical care is very scarce. All these things, make them more willing to leave Russia for another country, especially if they manage to meet a foreigner.

In addition to the current economic difficulties, Russian women are also terrified by the demographic situation. Firstly, the infant mortality rates are on a dramatic increase, and a lot of women just get scared of giving births to their children. Abortions are also very common because people either do not want families, or do not have economic resources to afford a family. Secondly, drinking is another very dangerous problem in Russia. The men are increasingly turning into alcoholics that do not care about anything but drinking. Such men cannot live normal life and turn the lives of their women into nightmares by beating them or spending all the family money on alcohol. So, yes, Russian women are desperate in their efforts to find adequate husbands, and many just decide not to marry at all. Thirdly, the proportion of men in Russia is significantly lower than that of the women which implies that even if all the Russian women wanted to get married to a Russian guy, it would be impossible. The gap between the male and female population in Russia is very wide and keeps growing due to alcoholism and other serious problems.

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One of such examples of despair was Alyona Kasimova from Krasnoyarsk. She used to have a boyfriend who kept drinking a lot and even was a drugs addict. Alyona tried to help him and get him out of that mess, but he refused and they had quarrels all the time. Finally, she got fed up with it, and decided to break up. After some months of depression, she registered on our website http://single-russian-women.net and found her love who is a Spanish lawyer, Jose Talavera Prieto. He is a very kind person and they got married. Now they live in Marbella which is in the south of Spain and have a nice little daughter.

Well, this story should definitely encourage many people not to give up and to keep trying.