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Beauty, passion, delicacy, grace, dignity, charisma – all these epithets belong to the image of a Russian woman popular in the West. It’s a great example of a situation when stereotypes meet the reality!

Girls from Russia are fascinating indeed. They are admired for being feminine and strong, smart and beautiful. Men from Western countries adore them and often date and marry ladies from Russia. As the statistics show marriages between a Russian woman and a Western man are typically happy and close-knit.

If you are tired of looking for a girlfriend in your area and want to meet somebody completely different – you are on the right page! Our marriage agency will assist you in your Russian love adventures!

To Russia with love

Dating websites are full of Russian girls’ profiles. Lots of them are scam and only few dating services are trustworthy. Anyway, even if you already have experience of chatting with Russians online you know that sooner or later the time comes for a real date.

The best way is to find a trustworthy marriage agency in Russia which will help you arrange the trip. Russia is a very big country where more than hundred nations live and only someone who has profound local knowledge can be an efficient guide.

Our marriage agency has an incredibly large catalogue of Russian women’s profiles. Girls from different parts of Russia are waiting for a foreign prince to visit them. It’s our work to let you date with as many girls as you like. Just contact us and choose the women you find more attractive – we do all the rest!

Typically Russian women interested in moving abroad speak good English and other languages, but even if the lady of your dream speaks rusty English it’s not a problem! We will provide you with a dedicate interpreter you may need in the very beginning of your communication. Later on the language of love will certainly be enough!

How to impress a Russian woman

How to impress a Russian woman

It’s worth mentioning that Russian women love strong men. It doesn’t mean you need to be a muscleman or a UFC champion – it just means that a woman expects from you to be a decisive person who is not afraid of responsibility. Russian men often behave like teenagers and local girls do their best to find a mature person who will be able to become the leader in the relationships.

Russian girls like compliments. It’s impossible to overdo it, really. Russians love with their ears! Don’t hesitate to tell her that she is beautiful, nice, hot, sexy, charming, intelligent and so forth. Believe us, you will be rewarded! And the reward will be munificent.

It’s very important for a Russian woman to date a man who also takes financial responsibility. No, Russians are not looking for rich guys – they just want a man to make financial contribution as well. For example, inviting a Russian woman to a restaurant it’s supposed that you pay for the dinner. The same concerns hotel booking, a cup of tea in a café and all other things you do together.

Actually, it’s more a tradition than anything else. Living with a Russian woman who works you won’t have to bother at all – when it comes to paying rent or buying a car your Russian girlfriend or wife will definitely pay the half. But even after 10 years of marriage it’s you who pays the bill in the restaurant!

Russian women have voluptuous beauty making Western men adore and admire. Pretty faces, abundant hair, delicate figure and naughty look – all these things will never let you pass a Russian woman by. Don’t lay your personal life and happiness on a shelf! Start acting right now and find the hottest girl from Russia with our marriage agency!